You may have noticed I’m often spotted wearing a brightly coloured beanie with a positive message literally written across my forehead.

Happy in my SayYesMore Beanie

Lots of people have been asking me what SayYesMore means, especially since I now also sport a blue hoodie, grey t-shirt and waterbottle with the same message!  I have recently been invited to be a SayYesMore Ambassador and I’m very proud to have joined the YesTeam of this wonderful tribe of people.  What is the SayYesMore movement?

SayYesMore is a social enterprise that creates events, spaces and situations that bring people together, often in the great outdoors.

Dave Cornthwaite with the SayYesMore Ambassadors at The YesBus for a weekend of outdoor talks and support.

It’s a tribe of positive people who strive to nudge others towards realising what they’re really capable of, in spaces designed to let ideas and mindsets blossom.

Whether it’s supporting brave decisions, encouraging adventurous thinking, finding (or creating) work that we love or simply designing a lifestyle that fits perfectly with our individual personalities and needs, we figure that if we look after ourselves and those around us and don’t forget to have fun along the way, the world will be a much better place.

Saying ‘yes’ more means something different to everyone, but our intention is for it to be a call to action for anyone wanting to make life more memorable.

isle of wild kids, get outside
A clear message to SayYesMore at Yestival, a festival for positive change.


The YesTribe is a community of people who seek to make life count.

get outside
YesTribers gathered around the camp fire to chat about adventures and positive change.

The YesTribe was founded in June 2015 after Adventurer Dave Cornthwaite decided to turn his Facebook followers into real humans by inviting them camping.  The 19 people who turned up on that first campout has now grown to over 15,000. In addition to the central YesTribe which grew in and around London, there are several regional YesTribes in the UK, including Scotland and now many growing around the world.

SayYesMore Ambassador

get outside
SayYesMore Ambassadors having fun at the YesBus during our training.

I’m proud to be an Ambassador for this growing and positive movement and I look forward to the outdoor adventures we’ll have in the coming year and saying yes to the outdoors, new adventures and positive change.  I have a few ideas up my sleeve to help grow the SayYesMore movement in Scotland and I hope you’ll join me.

Join the YesTribe or YesTribe Scotland.

Find out more about the origins of SayYesMore and the YesTribe here.

Read my Ambassador page here or meet the other SayYesMore Ambassadors here.

Profile Photo: Gemma Brunton