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#GetOutside Every Day in 2019

Over the past six months we’ve had quite a lot of outdoor days.  We’ve climbed hills, gone swimming in the sea, walked in the woods and sat around camp fires telling stories in the dark.


However, in between these wonderful adventures there have been days when the most fresh air we’ve had has been the run, in the rain, from the front door to the car and back again.

Recently, it’s really started to dawn on me that, despite all of us loving being outdoors, we don’t always make sure we actually get outside.  Our best and most memorable days as a family are spent outside.  We quite often (though definitely not always!) get on better with each other when we’re outside yet we regularly stay indoors and let cabin fever turn irritations into arguments and grumps.  Time for a New Year’s resolution perhaps?  But where to start?


This December I joined a small, impromptu, group on Facebook called ‘Every day in December’ and we challenged ourselves to do something every day of the month and to share our progress with each other.  Most of us chose exercise but, for some, it centred more around self-care in any form.   I chose to do some form of exercise. Every day.

I had great notions of running and physio exercises every day and really kick-starting my fitness again. Think 10k runs, early morning yoga routines, physio 3 times a day etc etc.  Of course the reality was nothing like it.  Some days I’ve barely managed 10 minutes light exercise. BUT I DID IT!  (so far)

I have managed to complete at least 10 minutes but, some days, up to two hours of exercise, every day in December.  How?

Because I was part of a positive, encouraging group and I had declared my intentions publicly.  This got me thinking.

Over the past few weeks I have been working on my Yes List (more on that to come.)  This is the list of things I want to achieve or say “yes” to over the next weeks, months and years.   Getting active and outside was at the root of quite a large part of my list.  So I have decided to build on the lessons I have learned from “Every day in December” and

1. declare my intentions publicly,

2. gather a tribe for encouragement.

So here we are.  #Getoutside Every Day in 2019

My kids and I have challenged ourselves to get outside every single day in 2019. We will spend a minimum of 10 minutes (think freezing, windy days) outside.  Most days we’ll spend at least an hour or two outside.  Some days we’ll spend more time outside than in.



Why?  Because we all know that most of us are suffering from NDD these days. Nature Deficit Disorder.   We’re not spending enough time outdoors and most of our children aren’t either.

We’re starving ourselves of a connection to the natural world.  We know it’s not good for us or our kids to be inside as much as we are but perhaps we don’t understand the cost of this alienation from nature.  Lack of concentration, increased weight, emotional and physical illnesses have all been attributed, in part, to our sedentary, indoor lifestyle.

Here at Isle of Wild Kids we want to turn that on it’s head and we’re looking in the mirror and starting at home.  We want to challenge ourselves.  We’re declaring our intentions to all and sundry.  We’re inviting you all to join us.  We’re going to #getoutside every day in 2019.

We’ll share our days and experiences, our ups, our downs with as many Wild Kids (of all ages) as we can and we’re hoping you’ll all join in with us too.


Get outside.  Go for a walk, a cycle, a jog, a swim.  Sit in the garden and watch the birds.  Pack a picnic and eat in the park.  Grab your coats after dinner and walk the streets around your house.  Count how many other walkers you meet.  Tell spooky stories as you walk in the dark.  Have your breakfast watching the sun rise cuddled under a blanket.  Share your stories, ideas and photos with us.  Inspire us, encourage us and help us along.

Let’s find our tribe.  Let’s get outside.

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